Small groups are an important part of Hope Mountain.  It's where we really get to know one another and invest in each other's lives.  In small groups, we connect with other believers through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.
All throughout scripture we see God's people joining together. One way we see God's people come together is corporate worship.  This is the gathering as a faith family and worshiping God through song and through the teaching and hearing of His word.  We do this every Sunday morning. And we see the necessity of biblical community modeled in scripture as well. This is accomplished through smaller groups of people, or "small groups". 
Life is hard. And even as Christ followers, sin is crouching at our door. We will fail.  And when we do, the Bible tells us there is freedom and restoration in confessing our failure.  Small group community is a safe place where we come alongside one another with grace and humility and pursue restoration and encourage one another in our faith.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to be connected with other believers in life-changing ways. If you're not connected to a small group and want to learn more, look for the Small Group Connection table at the back of the sanctuary beginning next Sunday (March 5th). And check the Hope Mountain website frequently as we will be adding more information about Hope Mountain Small groups very soon.
If you are interested in learning more about how to start and lead a small group on-campus or in your home, contact Stephen Baggett at (205) 821-5838.
What is done in small groups?
Small groups are diverse and dynamic.  They care for one another, study God's word together, worship together, and pray together.  Small groups are also missional; it's where disciple-making happens.
What does small group look like?
Ideally, the groups are small (Jesus had 12 in his small group).  They can meet in homes, at church or wherever and whenever is practical for the group. Small groups can be specific to a stage of life; such as "young married", "youth", "empty nest" or they can be more diverse.
Small group listing.

Joy Class Senior Adult (Women) Room 110 Sunday 9:00 AM Sybil Johns
Osburn Small Group Adult Bible Study Quad 1 Sunday 9:00 AM Dwayne & Dondee Osburn
Brothers Small Group Adult Bible Study Quad 2 Sunday 9:00 AM John Brothers
Evangelism & Missions Equipping disciples to go and make God's name known Room 105 Sunday 9:00 AM Michael Garrison
Bagget Small Group Adult Bible Study Baggett Home Saturday 5:00 PM Stephen Baggett
Women of Wisdom Discipleship Lady's Group (any age) Cafe Monday 11:00 AM Diane Davis
Young Married Couples Young Adults (College Age) Varies Sunday 9:00 AM Ben and Lindsey Talley
Wednesday Night Bible Study Adult Bible Study Room 110 Wednesday 6:30 PM Deric Thomas
Blackerby Group Adult Bible Study Columbiana Varies Varies Jim Blackerby
Wellness Warriors Support Group Big room 1st/3rd Tuesday 5:45 Anna Wade