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$4 kids 12 and Under $6 kids over 12 and adults (Pizza or chicken nuggets, fruit, chips)

As a Parant/Guardian I concent to the use of photographs/videos taken while attending Hope Mountain Church/Events*

I consent to and approve my child/children’s taking part in any and all activities conducted by Hope Mountian Church AWANA Clubs. I understand that my child/children may participate in physical activities such as those held during Game Time. As with any physical activity, there is a risk of injury. I fully accept this risk and consent to the treatment of any minor injuries of my child/children, and release, hold harmless and indemnify AWANA and the Church and their officers, directors, agents, employees and volunteers from any and all liability, claims and costs arising from or growing out of such treatment. In the event of an emergency that requires medical treatment for the above named child/children, I understand every effort will be made to contact me or my emergency contact. However, if I/we cannot be reached, I give my permission to the Awana volunteers to secure the services of a licensed physician to provide the care necessary for my child’s well being. I assume responsibility for all costs connected to any accident or treatment of my child.


If a friend or family member will be picking up my child, I will notify HMC in writing


Emergency Contact (other than parent)

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There is a $20 fee per child.  this is to ensure each child has everything they need each week and includes all AWANA books and supplies, We do have scholarships available, please let Tiffany Vick know if you are in need of a scholarship for your child.  Please do not let money prevent your child from joining AWANA Clubs

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